Art Books/World guides

The Art of Magic: The Gathering—War of the Spark, VIZ Media, October 2020

The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Ravnica, VIZ Media, January 2019

The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Concepts & Legends, VIZ Media, October 2018

The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Dominaria, VIZ Media, July 2018

The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Ixalan, VIZ Media, January 2018

The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Amonkhet, VIZ Media, July 2017

The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Kaladesh, VIZ Media, January 2017

The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Innistrad, VIZ Media, July 2016

The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Zendikar, VIZ Media, January 2016

Game Sourcebooks

Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, Wizards of the Coast, December 2021

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, October 2021

Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, Wizards of the Coast, May 2021

Mythic Odysseys of Theros, Wizards of the Coast, July 2020

Eberron: Rising from the Last War, Wizards of the Coast, November 2019

Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, Wizards of the Coast, November 2018

Dungeon Master’s Guide (5th edition), Wizards of the Coast, November 2014

Player’s Handbook (5th edition), Wizards of the Coast, August 2014

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set, Wizards of the Coast, July 2014

Legacy of the Crystal Shard, Wizards of the Coast, November 2013

Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle, Wizards of the Coast, August 2013

War of Everlasting Darkness, Wizards of the Coast, October 2012

Council of Spiders, Wizards of the Coast, August 2012

Madness at Gardmore Abbey, Wizards of the Coast, September 2011

Dungeon Master’s Kit, Wizards of the Coast, March 2010

Fantasy Roleplaying Game Starter Set (“Red Box”), Wizards of the Coast, September 2010

Player’s Strategy Guide, Wizards of the Coast, May 2010

Dragonborn, Wizards of the Coast, January 2010

Dungeon Master’s Guide 2, Wizards of the Coast, September 2009

Player’s Handbook 2, Wizards of the Coast, March 2009

Eberron Campaign Guide, Wizards of the Coast, July 2009

Dungeon Master 4th Edition for Dummies, Wiley Press, November 2008

Manual of the Planes, Wizards of the Coast, December 2008

H3 Pyramid of Shadows, Wizards of the Coast, August 2008

Player’s Handbook (4th edition), Wizards of the Coast, June 2008

Dungeon Master’s Guide (4th edition), Wizards of the Coast, June 2008

Monster Manual (4th edition), Wizards of the Coast, June 2008

The Forge of War, Wizards of the Coast, June 2007

Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave, Wizards of the Coast, March 2007

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, Wizards of the Coast, October 2006

Player’s Guide to Eberron, Wizards of the Coast, January 2006

Heroes of Horror, Wizards of the Coast, October 2005

Magic of Incarnum, Wizards of the Coast, September 2005

d20 Past, Wizards of the Coast, March 2005

Sharn: City of Towers, Wizards of the Coast, November 2004

Eberron Campaign Setting, Wizards of the Coast, June 2004

Player’s Guide to Faerûn, Wizards of the Coast, March 2004

Book of Exalted Deeds, Wizards of the Coast, November 2003

Draconomicon, Wizards of the Coast, November 2003

Fiend Folio, Wizards of the Coast, April 2003

Arms & Equipment Guide, Wizards of the Coast, March 2003

City of the Spider Queen, Wizards of the Coast, September 2002

Deities and Demigods, Wizards of the Coast, April 2002

Children of the Night: Demons, compiled and published by the Kargatane, August 2001

Oriental Adventures, Wizards of the Coast, September 2001

Defenders of the Faith: A Guidebook for Clerics and Paladins, Wizards of the Coast, May 2001

Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerûn, Wizards of the Coast, February 2001

The Speaker in Dreams, Wizards of the Coast, January 2001


Oath of Vigilance, Wizards of the Coast, August 2011

Dragon War, Wizards of the Coast, August 2009

Dragon Forge, Wizards of the Coast, June 2008

Storm Dragon, Wizards of the Coast, August 2007

In the Claws of the Tiger, Wizards of the Coast, July 2006

Short Fiction

"Trust," Magic Story, on, April 5, 2017

"Puppets," Magic Story, on, January 25, 2017

"A Grateful Consulate," Magic Story, on, October 19, 2016

"Bottled Up," Magic Story, on, September 28, 2016

"Saint Traft and the Flight of Nightmares," Magic Story, on, July 13, 2016

"The Lunarch Inquisition," Magic Story, on, May 4, 2016

"The Mystery of Markov Manor," Magic Story, on, March 30, 2016

"Oath of the Gatewatch," Magic Story, on, February 3, 2016

"The Liberation of Sea Gate," Uncharted Realms, on, October 28, 2015

"Slaughter at the Refuge," Uncharted Realms, on, August 19, 2015

"Unkindness of Ravens," Uncharted Realms, on, July 29, 2015

"Liliana's Origin: The Fourth Pact," Uncharted Realms, on, June 17, 2015 (collected in Magic Origins Planeswalker Anthology)

"Stirring from Slumber," Uncharted Realms, on, May 13, 2015

"The Doom of the Golden Fang," Uncharted Realms, on, February 4, 2015

"The Truth of Names," Uncharted Realms, on, January 28, 2015

"Veil of Deceit," Uncharted Realms, on, July 1, 2014

"Learning to Dream," in The Draconic Prophecies omnibus (e-book), November 2011

"The Gates of Madness," Wizards of the Coast serial novella, July 2010–November 2010

"Call of the Silver Flame," in Tales of the Last War, Wizards of the Coast, April 2006

"The Eyes of Gith," on, October 2005

"At the Wellspring," on, September 2005

Magazine Articles

Dungeoncraft column, DUNGEON Magazine (31 monthly columns, 2008–2010)

“The Maze of Shattered Souls,” DUNGEON Magazine 177, April 2010

“Expeditionary Dispatches: Guardians of the Labyrinth,” DUNGEON Magazine 172, November 2009

“Campaign Workbook: The Blasphemer,” DUNGEON Magazine 169, August 2009

“Lords of Chaos: Mual-Tar,” DRAGON Magazine 370, December 2008

“Temple of the Scorpion God,” DUNGEON Magazine 124, July 2005

“The Queen with Burning Eyes,” DUNGEON Magazine 113, August 2004

“Oriental Adventures 3.5,” DRAGON Magazine 318, April 2004

“Masque of the Red Death: The Light in the Darkness,” DRAGON Magazine 315, January 2004

“Kara-Tur: Ancestor Feats and Martial Arts Styles,” DRAGON Magazine 315, January 2004

“Knights of the Lich-Queen,” Polyhedron 59, July 2003

“Incursion: A World Under Siege,” DRAGON Magazine 309, July 2003

“Monstrous Magic,” DRAGON Magazine 304, February 2003

“Hellish Fangs on Abyssal Wings,” DRAGON Magazine 300, October 2002

“The Storm Lord’s Keep,” DUNGEON Adventures 93, July/August 2002

“Oriental Adventures Class Combos,” DRAGON Magazine 289, November 2001

“Playing the Priestly Part,” DRAGON Magazine 283, May 2001

“Champions of Virtue,” DRAGON Magazine 283, May 2001

“Vs. Sorcerers,” DRAGON Magazine 280, February 2001

“Vs. Fiends,” DRAGON Magazine 279, January 2001

“Unusual Suspects 3: Monks and Druids,” DRAGON Magazine 279, January 2001

“Class Combos 2: Dwarves,” DRAGON Magazine 278, December 2000

“Class Combos,” DRAGON Magazine Annual 5, November 2000

“Unusual Suspects 2: Bards, Sorcerers, and Wizards,” DRAGON Magazine 277, November 2000

“Vs. Zombies,” DRAGON Magazine 276, October 2000

“Unusual Suspects: Rangers, Paladins, and Barbarians,” DRAGON Magazine 275, September 2000

“The Door to Darkness,” DUNGEON Adventures 81, July/August 2000

“Diminutive Dragons,” DRAGON Magazine 272, June 2000

“Alternity: TOP SECRET,” DRAGON Magazine 271, May 2000

“The Hidden Faces of Evil,” DRAGON Magazine 270, April 2000

“When Worlds Collide,” DRAGON Magazine 270, April 2000

“Animal Companions,” DRAGON Magazine 269, March 2000

“Deep strike,” DUNGEON Adventures 78, January/February 2000

“Alternative Underdarks,” DRAGON Magazine 267, January 2000

“Feathered Friends and Foes,” DRAGON Magazine 266, December 1999

“Van Richten’s Legacy: The Cult of Simon Audaire,” DRAGON Magazine 264, October 1999

“Heaven’s Trump: Celestial Messengers and Divine Intervention,” DRAGON Magazine 263, September 1999

“From Dungeons to Drivespace,” DRAGON Magazine 262, August 1999

“Half-Pint Heroes,” DRAGON Magazine 262, August 1999

“No One Can Hear You Scream,” DRAGON Magazine 258, April 1999

“Haunting Melodies,” DRAGON Magazine 256, February 1999

“With a Twist,” DRAGON Magazine 253, November 1998

“The Maze of the Morkoth,” DUNGEON Adventures 70, September/October 1998

“Heroes of the Sea,” DRAGON Magazine 250, August 1998

“Seeds of Evil,” DRAGON Magazine 249, July 1998

“Falls Run,” DUNGEON Adventures 67, March/April 1998

“Miracles of Flight,” DRAGON Magazine 244, February 1998

“The Sunken Shadow,” DUNGEON Adventures 66, January 1998

“Fantastic Phantasms,” DRAGON Magazine Annual 2, December 1997

“Gothic Earth Villains,” DRAGON Magazine Annual 2, December 1997

“Mysterious Cities,” DRAGON Magazine 240, October 1997

“Mystics, Miracles, and Meditations,” DRAGON Magazine 236, December 1996


Plane Shift: Dominaria,” on, July 2018

“Plane Shift: Ixalan,” on, January 2018

“Plane Shift: Amonkhet,” on, July 2017

“Plane Shift: Kaladesh,” on, January 2017

“Plane Shift: Innistrad,” on, July 2016

“Plane Shift: Zendikar,” on, January 2016

Wandering Monsters column on (75 weekly columns, 2012–2014)

"Prophecy of the Sundering," Wizards of the Coast, August 2013

“White Plume Mountain,” on, 2005

“Perilous Gateways: The Winding Serpent,” on, July 2001

“Character Closeup: Juz’la,” on, February 2001

“Deepening Shadows,” RPGA Ravenloft retail play adventure, May 1999

“The Beast Within,” RPGA Ravenloft retail play adventure, December 1998.

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